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Check out Perfect Pasta Recipes

by Valerie Gray at Foodie.com

Pasta is one of my favorite foods. In my opinion is is one of, if not THE, perfect food. It can stand alone. It can go well with other things. It’s just so versatile. And it tastes good! That collection you see in the slideshow up there contains 50 perfect pasta recipes, which show only a fraction of the possibilities that pasta offers, which is what makes it perfect.

What makes these pasta recipes perfect? Eveything and nothing in particular. If you watched the slideshow you saw some of them. You really need to click through and see the whole collection in order to enjoy all of this pasta in all of its glory. Some are colorful. Some are easy to make. Some are pretty unique. And of course, some are mine. (Cheesy Chicken And Broccoli Cavatelli, Ranch Ham And Cheese Fettucine, One Pot Cheesesteak Pasta, Chicken And Broccoli Mac And Cheese, Quick And Easy Cavatelli With Broccoli, to name just a few.)

If you didn’t get a chance to look through all of them, just pin the picture below to come back and browse at your leisure when you’re ready!

Did you see something in particular that caught your eye? If not, what’s your favorite pasta dish?

50 Perfect Pasta Recipes Foodie Collection

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  1. My girls love pasta and I make at least one pasta dish a week for their lunches, being careful to always a good source of protein and lots of veggies.. As much as they love my regular dishes I’m sure they won’t mind my trying a few more recipes 🙂

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