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Progresso Artisan Soups

We love soup. No matter what kind of soup it is, chances are good someone in the family is up for trying it. Progresso is a brand that you often find in my cabinets. Recently they came out with a new line of soups, Progresso Artisan, that we were able to try. The soups come in a carton, which is great for stocking shelves and travels pretty well too.

Progresso Artisan Soups come in five varieties:

  • Masala Curry butternut squash – Inspired by the warmth of Indian spices and the richness of coconut, our Masala Curry Butternut Squash blends the sweetness of winter squash with zesty red pepper and traditional Indian garam masala to make a luscious soup that’s finished with a touch of cream.
  • Creamy Tomato and roasted red pepper – Inspired by classic tomato soup with the zesty flavor of Italian roasted peppers, our Creamy Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper blends garlic, olive oil, and spices with the richness of cream to create a soup that’s full of the flavor and smooth richness of ripe tomatoes.
  • Creamy Potato with sausage and kale – Inspired by Zuppa Toscana, the classic hearty Tuscan soup, our Creamy Potato with Sausage & Kale puts slices of roasted Italian sausage, skin-on chunks of russet potato, and hearty kale together in a creamy chicken broth to create a rich and savory soup with flavors of garlic and herbs.
  • Rustic Tomato with chicken and dumplings – Inspired by the bold Mediterranean flavors of Chicken Cacciatore, our Rustic Tomato with Chicken and Dumplings pairs a zesty tomato base with roasted chicken, bright spinach, and rich olive oil, and brings it together with plump and hearty dumplings for a satisfying and hearty soup.
  • Smoky White Bean and winter vegetables – Inspired by the comfort and warmth of a rich bean soup on a winter afternoon, our Smoky White Bean & Winter Vegetable is a hearty and satisfying blend of white beans and black-eyed peas. Parsnips, turnips, and carrots all come together in a rich chicken broth flavored with garlic and smoked paprika.

I decided to start with the Rustic Tomato with chicken and dumplings. I wasn’t able to get my carton to open, so I used scissors. It was probably me having a problem and not the carton. After all, I can open pickle jars but not vegetable oil. Once open, the soup is easy to make, you just heat it up. I used the microwave and it was done in just a couple of minutes. I found that the soup was very rich and tasty. I thought it was flavorful enough on its own that it didn’t need salt or pepper. The dumplings were delicious!  This soup reminded me of a soup that you’d find in a decent restaurant.

Progresso Artisan Soups

Hubby tried the Creamy Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper and found it to be very tasty. He liked that the soup was on the creamier side, and said it wasn’t hot spicy, but that the spices gave it quite a full flavor. He also tried the Smoky White Bean & Winter Vegetable, which he described as a cross between a soup and stew. He really enjoyed the combination of beans and root vegetables, and found it needed no additional seasoning. My brother is a bit like the “Mikey” in our family, so he volunteered to try the Creamy Potato with sausage and kale he would have liked to see thicker, plus he felt it was a tad bland.

If you’re a soup lover you’ll be wanting to check out Progresso Artisan. They’d be a great way to take the chill off of a damp day, and are great by themselves, or with a sandwich.

Which of these soups would you like to try the most?


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  1. You mean to say that it does not have that canned soup flavor? I have stopped buying canned soup a while back because they all have a funny flavor. I am going shopping soon. I’ll be looking for this to try, and the one you chose will be the one that I will try. Thanks!

  2. I love soups here too. I could eat them for lunch and dinner every day if I could. These soups sound wonderful. I would really like to try their Rustic Tomato with Chicken and Dumplings. It really sounds good.

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