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No compensation or product was received for this post. I did this post because I felt it would be interesting, because I love music, and because I like the song.

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Today over on my main blog, Mom Knows It All, I published the next installment in the Music Monday series. Today I shared some of my thoughts on apologies and the song “Sorry” by the Canadian band Art Of Dying. If you’ve read for a while you know that I am fascinated with what people eat, especially musicians that are out on the road all the time. Here’s what Art Of Dying’s guitarist Greg gave me as their favorites.

  • Tenderloin Filet Mignon (cooked medium rare, you can’t go wrong!)
  • Salmon Sashimi (fresh west coast sashimi is the best I’ve had so far)
  • Breakfast Burrito (I’m on a search for the best tasty breakfast burrito in America). Ken-Tone’s in Chicago is one of my faves.
  • Beef sliders
  • Loaded Nachos with fresh salsa and guacamole (authentic Mexican restaurants have the best!)

I asked some of my blogger friends to help me find some recipes for the guys. Here are some recipes we put together, which I am sharing with permission.

California King Broiled Salmon from Window On The World

Cedar Plank Salmon and Asparagus from The Harried Mom

Grilled Honey Sesame Salmon from Better Inn Bulk

Salmon Bacon Broccoli Cakes With A Bacon Dijon Sauce from This Flourishing Life

Sashimi Salmon With Coleslaw from Growing Up Gabel

Breakfast Burritos from Let’s Start Saving Now

Egg and Mushroom Burrito from Confessions Of An Overworked Mom

Sausage And Peppers Breakfast Burrito from Window On The World

200 Calorie Beef Burgers from How To This And That

Smokes Sausage Nachos from Home Cooking Memories

I love to have music playing while I’m cooking. So here’s the song “Sorry” that I wrote about in my post on Mom Knows It All. I should mention that in the post on Mom Knows It All I am also sharing the piano version of this song, which is amazing. Anyway. There is no explicit language in this song. Turn the music up and cook something!

Art Of Dying is not out on tour at the moment, but will be on the ShipRocked cruise in January. Their album “Vices And Virtues” is currently available to purchase online and through iTunes.

A big thanks to Art Of Dying for taking the time to answer my question.

Art Of Dying Vices And Virtues


Art Of Dying website

Art Of Dying on Facebook

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Art Of Dying on YouTube

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  1. Some awesome recipes listed here for salmon! The Cedar Plank Salmon and Asparagus sounds yummy….
    Thanks for sharing the video. Haven’t heard of the band before. 🙂

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