Wordless Wednesday – Mother’s Helper

My youngest son really wanted to help me when we had to run into the grocery store for a couple of things. He was so proud to hold the basket and get things we needed. He even enjoyed ringing the items up at the DIY cash register.

Wordless Wednesday - CJ with Grocery Basket

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I'm a mom of 2 boys. – TJ, a 21 year old, and CJ, a 17 year old with Down Syndrome. I'm a Jersey girl. I have three younger brothers, all of whom have children. I am also a social media enthusiast, cat persobn, and Down syndrome advocate. I love rock music, tech, travel and food. I love coffee and milkshakes. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. I HATE the misuse of the word retarded. I take it personally and find it very offensive.

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  1. Such a sweet little helper!! If only I had a helper ~ I’d have it made lol.

    Thanks for linking up!!

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