Spook-tacular Halloween Ideas from Kraft Foods – With Giveaway

Kraft Spooktacular Halloween Pack

We’re really getting into the Halloween spirit here, partially due to the fun Halloween package I received from Kraft. It contained everything we need to have a Spooktacular Halloween Season – JELL-O, JELL-O Molds, Halloween Oreos, Halloween Marshmallows, Velveeta Cheesy Potatoes, Philadelphia Indulgence Spread, orange Rachael Ray Casserole Dish, Pumpkin Party Picks, Glow in the Dark halloween Cups, Halloween Serving Dish, and a kid’s Halloween apron.

The first thing I did is open the Oreos. I love Oreos. I had been thinking about what we could make with these, but they didn’t last long enough to worry about it. What can I say? Other then that each side of each cookie features a picture of a witch, black cat, pumpkin, ghost or bat. They were just as tasty as a regular Oreo, but a litlte more fun because of the cute shapes on the cookies.

Oreo Leggy Spider cookie

there are lots of fun things you can do with Oreos, besides gobble them up right out of the package like we did. You can make things like the Leggy Spider cookie shown above, or an Oreo Spider Web Cookie Pizza.

Next I set out to make was the JELL-O. I’d made Jigglers before, they’re super easy to make and fun.

Jell-o Jigglers

This was the first time I ever used a mold like the brain mold, I was happy to see that not only was it easy to use, but it also worked. The JELL-O Brain was one of a number of recipes in the Halloween JELL-O instruction book.

Jell-O Brain

I have an idea planned for the Philadelphia Indulgence, if it works out I’ll share it with you soon.


As far as the marshmallows go, a good friend is having a Halloween party and I’ve suggested that we make the FrankenMallows pictured above, because they’re just too cute.

Velveeta Cheesy Bacon Scalloped Potatoes Box

Hubby and I both love potatoes. One of our favorite kinds of potatoes is scalloped potatoes. The new Velveeta Cheesy Bacon Scalloped Potatoes are delicious! The cheese is smooth and yummy like the other flavors, but has yummy bacon! (Bacon makes me feel like the puppy in the Beggin Strips commercial Bacon!!)

Basically, there were a lot of products that you can do a lot with in the Kraft package that I received. You could play around wit some of these things for days and not run out of ideas on how to incorporate them into this Halloween season.


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ONE winner will receive a Kraft prize pack (value $100) containing:

  • Three bags of marshmallows (PumpkinSpiceMALLOWS, GhostMALLOWS JUMBO PumpkinMALLOWS)
  • Two Halloween JELL-O molds (Halloween brain mold and JIGGLERS Halloween mold)
  • Four boxes of JELL-O
  • One package of Halloween Oreos
  • Two boxes of Velveeta Cheesy Potatoes
  • One coupon for a free package of Philadelphia Indulgence spread
  • One Rachael Ray orange casserole dish
  • Kid’s Halloween apron
  • Halloween Serving Dish
  • Pumpkin Party Picks
  • Glow in the Dark Halloween Cups


To enter leave a comment on this post telling me something that you’d like to make with this prize pack if you win


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  1. I would like to make something with the Halloween brain mold. I also would love to make a no bake treat with the halloween marshmallows, Kraft has a few recipes on their site that look pretty basic and fun.

  2. I would like to use the chocolate cream cheese and pumpkin marshmallows to make a cute treat- thanks!

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