Tell Hunger To Hit The Road With BJ’s Feeding Communities Program

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BJ’s has a new program and is asking us to help them “Tell Hunger to Hit the Road” as part of their BJ’s Feeding Communities Program.

BJ’s Feeding Communities program is simple: Everyday, BJ’s Team Members gather unsold food from BJ’s Club locations, including meat and produce, to be delivered directly to a local Feeding America food bank. From there, food is sorted and prepared for distribution to those in need. The challenge is moving much needed food from BJ’s Club locations to Feeding America’s food banks, hunger relief organizations, and ultimately, the hungry.

So how can you help? Just give BJ’s Wholesale Club a Like on Facebook to add another $1 on top of BJ’s current food and monetary donation. BJ’s will be donating up to $250,000!

Already like BJ’s Wholesale Club on Facebook? You can still make a $1 donation just by visiting the “Feeding Communities” tab and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter with family and friends.

But the donation opportunities don’t stop online! From November 28 through December 12, BJ’s Wholesale Club will also be hosting a Feeding Communities Food Drive in all local Club locations. To participate, Members are asked to donate non-perishable items after they check out in Club. All items will join BJ’s current perishable food donations and shared with neighboring Feeding America food banks.

To learn more about BJ’s Wholesale Club’s Feeding Communities program, please visit BJ’s Feeding Communities Facebook tab here:

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  1. BJ’s sounds like such a nice club. I wish we could have them here in the west. I find Costco way too busy for my taste, and I don’t care for the direction of the Walmart corporation has been taking in regards to Sam’s Club.

  2. How do you apply to receive these donations. It’s my first time going to the program. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Louise Alexandre

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