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We all love pickles in our house. The jars are emptied almost as fast as I can buy them. Vlasic is definitely a favorite, they have great taste and crunch. I was happy to receive the opportunity to try Vlasic’s newest pickle, the Vlasic Reduced Sodium Pickle.

Vlasic Low Salt Pickle Jars


Available as of July, the new Reduced Sodium line gives you a great-tasting, crunchy pickle with 25% less sodium that is perfect for those who like less salt. One serving contains only seven percent of the daily sodium intake values outlined by the FDA and American Heart Association. The bonus? All Vlasic pickles are low calorie with zero fat.


I received samples of the new Vlasic Reduced Sodium Pickles. I thought the new Reduced Sodium Pickles tasted just like the regular Vlasic pickles, which for the record we never found too salty. I don’t usually enjoy the taste of reduced sodium products as much as their original counterparts, I was pleased that this was not the case here. I’d never know that the Reduced Sodium Pickles were lower in sodium if I hadn’t seen the label. The new Reduced Sodium pickles were delicious and crunchy, just like Vlasic Pickles always have been. I’ll definitely buy these pickles.


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  1. Yahoo!! I love pickles, but tend to not eat them much.. when I even look at a pickle I swell up with all the salt and vinegar.. I will be looking for these and test to see if I can fool anyone in the house.. see if they can tell the difference.

  2. I didnt even know they made low sodium pickles. lol I guess I am just use to picking up regular I don’t even look. But I will next time!!

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