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Ice cream is something we always have in my house and something we all love. Recently I was offered the opportunity to check out Breyers newest line of ice creams – Breyers Blasts.

Breyers Blasts In Store Freezer


Exploding with chunky and gooey treats. Your family’s favorite cookie and candy brands with the extra creamy goodness of Breyers.


Breyers Blasts Ice Cream is available in a variety of flavors including:

  • Chips Ahoy!
  • Heath English Toffee
  • Mrs Fields Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough
  • Mrs Fields Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  • Mrs Fields Mint Fudge Brownie
  • Oreo Cookies And Cream
  • Oreo Cookies And Cream Chocolate
  • Oreo Cookies And Cream Mint
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  • Snickers
  • Waffle Cone With Hershey’s Chips
  • Whoppers Malted Vanilla

Breyers Blasts Oreo Cookies And Cream Chocolate & Reeses

So far we’ve tried several of the varieties including Chips Ahoy!, Mrs Fields Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough, Mrs Fields Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Oreo Cookies And Cream, Oreo Cookies And Cream Chocolate, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Each and every one of the flavors was delicious, and positively loaded with stuff. MY son and hubby  both love the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. My absolute favorite and a flavor I now find myself stocking up on in the freezer is the Oreo Cookies And Cream Chocolate. Not only does it taste awesome, it also makes one heck of a shake! I love that these ice creams are still creamy, even with all of the goodies mixed in they aren’t grainy. If you are an ice cream lover you’ll want to try these for sure!


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Breyers Ice Cream is an American institution. With well over 100 years of notoriety Breyers is still producing new and exciting product for the Ice Creamaholic. With a huge variety of flavors, there is something for everyone to choose from in the Ice Cream case. One of their newest creations is the Breyers Blasts. We all know how much fun it is to go out to the shop and get an ice cream with a mix in but it can get so expensive. Breyers now lets you bring that home with their Breyers Blasts that are full of gooey chunky treats that we know and love. Choose from varieties such as Whoppers, Oreo Cookies & Cream Chocolate, Waffle Cone with Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Heath and so much more. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

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  1. I was just checking these out over the weekend since we had two birthdays to celebrate. They looked so yummy, but I didn’t buy any of them. In our household, we do not eat high fructose corn syrup. It has always been an issue with my husband, and with many of our kids. It makes my hubby angry, not violent, but a bit like a mean drunk is without the drunkenness.

    My daughter is a chemistry grad student who found out that HFCS is just a chemical that is made to chemically look like sugar, and taste like sugar. In my daughter’s chemistry studies, she found that chemist will not consume HFCS because the body does not recognize it as a sugar, stays in the body longer than sugar, and converts a lot of it to fat.

    I have not had HFCS for years, but find now that when I do, I will get a headache that lasts for three days. I avoid it like the plague now.

  2. I just bought some and it had a “different ” texture. this is not really ice cream. It calls itself a frozen dairy desert – but what is it? Yogurt?. its tasty but its not ice cream

    1. I found the ones we tried to be smooth, not counting the consistency of the actual mixins that is. Actually I just got another container of the Cookies And Cream Chocolate. I agree that it says frozen dairy dessert on the container but this container only had plain Breyers Chocolate in it. I think they use their regular ice cream as the foundation for the dairy dessert.

  3. The new Breyers is nasty. Weird texture and doesn’t even taste like ice cream anymore – tastes like DQ. Way to ruin an institution.

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