Fresh, Organic Products At Down-to-Earth Prices At BJ’s

I know I have a number of readers that prefer organic food and thought they might find this news from BJ’s interesting.

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With consumers growing more conscious of providing healthful food options for their families, BJ’s Wholesale Club has made a concerted effort to increase the number of organic products being offered.

It is important for shoppers to understand that they don’t have to spend a lot of money or go to specialty supermarkets to get fresh, quality organic products that their families deserve.

Members will find many organic offerings at BJ’s Clubs. In fact, BJ’s sells many of the same name-brand USDA Certified Organic products sold at grocery stores – as well as some exclusive brands including Earth’s Pride® Organics and select Wellsley Farms® products – at everyday low prices.

BJ’s ever-growing organic offerings include:

* Fresh-baked breads from Wellsley® Farms made with certified organic ingredients
* Earth’s Pride’s® Organic beef and chicken burgers from animals raised on organic feed without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics
* Value-priced organic dairy products including artisan cheeses, butter, Stoneyfield Farm® YoBaby and Wallaby® Organic yogurts, as well as Earth’s Pride® organic skim, 2% and whole milk in ½ gallon sizes
* Top grade organic fruits and vegetables including fresh peaches and gala apples, Earth’s Pride® triple berry blend, Organicgirl® Baby Spinach Mix and baby cut carrots
* Thirst quenching apple juice and lemonade from Earth’s Pride® and Honest Kid’s® juice box variety pack
* Kid-friendly snacks including Annie’s® Organic Fruit Snacks and Wellsley Farms® Organic Trail Mix
* Pantry staples including Rozzano® Olive Oil, Nature’s Earthly Choice™ Quinoa, Wholesome Sweeteners® Organic Sugar, HoneyTree’s® Blue Agave Nectar and more
* Fresh-prepared organic meals for time-crunched families including Rozzano® Butternut Squash or Grilled Vegetable Ravioli and Earth’s Pride® Organics Spinach and Feta Cheese Pizza

Shopping BJ’s high quality organic products at exceptional value is a great way for families to find organic products that are best for them, their wallets and the planet.

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