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I love cookbooks. I use them to find new recipes and I use them to inspire me to come up with recipes as well. There was no way that I could pass up the opportunity to review a cookbook with 1,500 recipes, it just wasn’t happening. And so I received the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Betty Crocker Cookbook review

Betty Crocker Cookbook: 1500 Recipes for the Way You Cook Today

  • Ring-bound: 640 pages
  • Publisher: Betty Crocker; 11 edition (September 27, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0470906022
  • ISBN-13: 978-0470906026


With more than 65 million copies sold since its first edition was published in 1950, the Betty Crocker Cookbook has long been America’s most-trusted kitchen companion for reliable information and delicious recipes. Now, Betty is back and better than ever with the most complete revision yet of the classic “Big Red” cookbook that brings her into the 21st century. It’s exciting that for the first time ever, readers will have exclusive access to an online cookbook destination ( with 85 videos and 400 bonus recipes designed to enhance their use of the cookbook. Icons throughout the book indicate when to go online to watch a video of a recipe or technique or find additional recipes for each chapter.

BETTY CROCKER COOKBOOK, 11th EDITION (Wiley Loose-Leaf Binder; $29.99; ebook; $14.99; October 10, 2011), available in print and as an ebook, features a completely new design, with 1,100 all-new color photographs—three times the number found in the previous edition—that bring the recipes to life. With 1,500 recipes, home cooks will find trusted classics as well as hundreds of new dishes that reflect today’s desire to eat healthier, enjoy new flavors and get dinner on the table fast.

BETTY CROCKER COOKBOOK, 11TH EDITION includes new features that make this edition the most significant update in 60 years:

– New chapters — “Do It Yourself,” “Entertaining” and “Breakfast & Brunch” – covering popular topics like canning, pickling, cocktails and party foods.

– An “Heirloom Recipe & New Twist” feature pairing over 20 beloved classics with fresh spins, such as traditional Chicken Pot Pie made with homemade crust and Individual Chicken Pot Pies using puff pastry tops.

– A “Learn to Make” feature with easy-to-follow guidance – including step-by-step photos, and online video demos for each – for preparing essential dishes such as Roast Turkey, Macaroni and Cheese, Apple Pie and New York Cheesecake! Betty’s “Keys to Success” tips will help home cooks get the dish right every time!

– Gorgeously photographed reference pages identifying more than 655 foods (from vegetables and fruits to grains, soy products, and cuts of meat) and essential equipment items.

– All-new mini recipes that provide quick and super-easy meal ideas in short paragraph form.

– An accompanying ebook, optimized for all e-reader devices, that includes fully hyperlinked content for easy navigation; all the photography presented in beautiful full-color; and bonus indexes that allow readers to browse recipes that are fast and lower calorie and easily access the book’s many reference charts and features.

BETTY CROCKER COOKBOOK, 11th EDITION is the cookbook for today—a source of inspiration, trusted recipes and essential information—all presented in a completely new, vibrant and visually-driven way that suits how people cook today.

About Betty Crocker:

With over 65 million cookbooks sold since 1950, Betty Crocker is the name most home cooks across America trust for easy-to-prepare, reliable, and tasty recipes. From the classic Betty Crocker® Cookbook, the BIG RED Cookbook, now in its 11th edition, to a wide range of specialty cookbooks, more than 50 in all, Betty has a cookbook for every taste and occasion. All recipes are developed and meticulously tested by a complete staff of culinary experts, who continually monitor consumer trends and feedback, in the state-of-the-art Betty Crocker Kitchens, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Betty Crocker is a registered trademark of General Mills.


I received a copy of the Betty Crocker Cookbook. It looks like a hard cover cookbook but the hard cover actually conceals a five ring binder. I love cookbooks with binders like this because they’re so much easier to lay on the counter and use than traditionally bound books. The inside covers contain commonly used food equivalents, substitutions, conversions and abbreviations. The next thing you see inside the cookbook is the tabs. Each chapter or section is tabbed, and each ab has an index. This makes finding things super easy.

Chapters include:

  • Getting Started
  • Appetizers & Beverages
  • Breakfast & Brunch, Breads
  • Cakes Pies & Tarts
  • Cookies, Bars & Candies
  • Desserts
  • Do it Yourself
  • Entertaining
  • Fish & Shellfish
  • Grilling & Smoking
  • Meats
  • Pasta
  • Poultry
  • Rice, Grains & Beans
  • Salads & Salad Dressings
  • Sauces, Seasonings & Condiments
  • Slow Cooker Suppers
  • Soups, Sandwiches & Pizzas
  • 20 Minutes Or less
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Vegetarian

The Getting Started chapter includes all sorts of definitions, explanations and other information on different ingredients, equipment, cooking utensils and terms. It’s pretty informative. On to the recipes! This cookbook has everything I look for in a cookbook – easy to understand recipes that contain great pictures as well as cooking and prep time. The recipes are accompanied by lots of color photos – some of the dishes and some of tutorials on how to do things with some of the ingredients. There’s literally not a page in the cookbook hat doesn’t have at least one picture. There are simply too many recipes that I want to try to list, I’d be listing most of the book I think. I recommend this cookbook highly. It’s a huge, comprehensive cookbook that I think every kitchen would benefit from having a copy of. This cookbook would be great for anyone, from novice college student to newlywed to experienced cook.

The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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  1. I have the second edition from 1956 that I will never give up. I used that book at my first attempts at making bread. It was a hand-me-down wedding present from my Great-Aunt Nell because that was all she could afford. I treasure her memory.

  2. This is def going on my wish list for Christmas. I too collect cookbooks and also have the B.C. Heart Health Edition that is well-worn!

  3. Love the new book for its content and photos. The book lies flat on the counter which is great. It has a few detractors:

    1. the pages are quite flimsy, and if it gets used the way my old one did, it will not last as long.


    2. the print on mine is a gray, not black. When you’re following along with a recipe, hands full, it is not so easy to find your place.

    and finally,

    3. my pages are nearly all stuck together at the point where the binder punches went thru. Some of my pages tear.

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