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We’re a soup family. We all like soup. In the colder weather I usually make my own. Year round you can always find some cans in the house, for quick soups and even ingredients for meals. I’ve seen Tabatchnick frozen soups in the freezer aisle for a long time but never tried them until recently. In fact, I’d never tried any frozen soup.

About Tabatchnick Soups – The idea for Tabatchnick Fine Foods started simmering on a wood-burning stove in our great grandmother’s kitchen more than a century ago. Her delicious homemade soup had become famous in our family and with neighbors throughout the area. What made Great Grandma’s soups so special? She took great pride in creating wholesome soup made with only the finest and most natural ingredients. Four generations later we still follow Great Grandma’s simple recipe for great soup. We search the world for only the highest quality natural ingredients. All our soups start with our own pure artesian well water, and are simmered slowly in small batches, always under the watchful eye of a Tabatchnick family member. Great Grandma would be proud!

I received a couple of coupons so that I could pick out the soup I wanted. That’s easier said than done when you’re faced with the dozens of different varieties that Tabatchnick has. In the end I chose the New York Style Chicken Broth and the Chicken Broth With Noodles And Dumplings.

Tabatchnick Soups are packaged in a plastic bag and sold in a box. They are super easy to make – either heat them in the microwave or on the stove. The terrific thing about these soups is that they’re easy to make and they’re reasonable priced. Plus they taste good too! I found that the soups I tried tasted fresh and a lot like homemade. Neither the vegetables or the pasta/dumplings were soggy and the broth wasn’t super salty.

Tabatchnick frozen soups are available in grocery stores nationwide in the freezer section. They currently offer dozens of varieties of soups including Gluten-free, Kosher, Organic and Low Sodium. The soups I got sold for $2.99 each.


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  1. This is an ideal product for when you haven’t much time to make your own homemade soup. Like most people, sometimes when you are really busy, you need something that is healthy but quick to prepare.

  2. I was so happy when I saw these soups, so tired of can. But I was sadly disappointed when I tried them. The vegtable didn’t look like what the package had pictured. It cam out more like a spilt pea soup instead. The chicken broth with noodles was bland. I haven’t tried the Barley yet. I hope it’s better than the other 2.

  3. I have always bought the kinds that say no sugar no salt but by accident I got beet and cabbage that wasn ‘t marked l ike that. My question is,is it necessary to put 16 gr of sugar in tasted lik e candy. It was a real turnoff.

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