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Did you know that Americans eat almost twice the recommended limit of salt each day? In fact, only 11 percent of the sodium in Americans’ diet comes from our own saltshakers and nearly eighty percent of our sodium intake comes from the sodium that is added to foods before they are sold!

As someone that has a family history containing high blood pressure I appreciate a company that is trying to make a better product while encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle. Cutting back on salt is something everyone can and should do, whether or not they have high blood pressure. Salt can increase blood pressure and help lead to heart attack and stroke, the nation’s leading causes of preventable death.

Boar’s Head recently joined the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI)—a partnership of 18 companies that have committed to voluntarily reduce sodium levels in their products. Boar’s Head is the only deli company to be involved in the initiative and the only deli company to be on target for the NSRI 2012 Standards.

If you buy cold cuts at the deli you’ve probably heard of Boar’s Head. My husband worked in a deli for more than ten years, back when we were a young couple twenty years ago. I learned that Boar’s Head was one of the premium brands of cold cuts, meaning they cost a little more than some but they had less filler in them and tasted great. Twenty years had gone by and my opinion of Boar’s Head hasn’t changed. Well, actually it has – it’s gotten even better. Boar’s Head is one of the few brands of cold cuts that clearly labels if their products are gluten-free, something crucial for a Mom like me whose child requires a gluten-free diet. And now they’re trying to raise awareness about the importance of watching salt intake. Plus, did I mention they’re delicious?

For those that doubt that things can taste good while having less salt, check out these Lower Sodium Recipes from the Boar’s Head Five Borough Sandwich Battle. The Boar’s Head Five Borough Sandwich Battle takes five different sandwich recipes made with Boar’s Head lower sodium meats and cheeses and puts them head-to-head. Each sandwich recipe is inspired by a different NYC borough—reflecting the different personalities of each borough—and the public gets to vote on their favorite low-sodium sandwich recipe!
Below, find low-sodium recipes for all of New York’s boroughs!

Boar's Head Staten Island Ferry Sandwich

(Lower Sodium Ham and Swiss)

4 oz Boar’s Head 42% Lower Sodium Branded Deluxe Ham, Sliced
1 oz Boar’s Head Low Sodium Imported Gold Label Swiss, Sliced
2 oz Leaf Lettuce
1 oz Onion, Sliced Thinly
1 oz Roasted Red Peppers
1 oz Boar’s Head Delicatessen Style Mustard
1 Kaiser Roll

Boar's Head The Park Avenue Sandwich

(Heart Healthy Ham and Turkey)

2 oz Boar’s Head 42% Lower Sodium Branded Deluxe Ham, Sliced
2 oz Boar’s Head Premium 47% Lower Sodium Turkey Breast, Sliced
1oz Boar’s Head Lacey Swiss Cheese, Sliced
1 oz Cucumber, Sliced Thinly
1 oz Leaf Lettuce
1 oz Boar’s Head Honey Mustard
2 Slices Seven Grain Bread

Boar's Head The Bronx Bomber Sandwich

(Deluxe Roast Beef with Lacey Swiss Sub)

4 oz Boar’s Head Low Sodium Deluxe Oven Roasted Beef, Sliced Thinly
1 oz sliced Boar’s Head 42% Lower Sodium Provolone
1 oz Leaf Lettuce
1 oz Red Onion, Sliced Thinly
1 oz Boar’s Head Pub Style Horseradish Sauce
1 Ciabatta Roll (Sliced in Half)

Boar's Head The Brooklyn Bridge Sandwich

(Lower Sodium Turkey and Provolone)

4 oz Boar’s Head Premium 47% Lower Sodium Turkey Breast, Sliced
1 oz Boar’s Head 42% Lower Sodium Provolone, Sliced
1 oz Leaf Lettuce
2 oz Tomato, Sliced
1 oz Boar’s Head Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Mayonnaise
2 Slices of Wheat Bread

Boar's Head The Airport Special Sandwich

(Golden Classic Chicken Breast Sandwich)

4 oz Boar’s Head Golden Classic™ 47% Lower Sodium Chicken Breast, Sliced
1 oz Boar’s Head Lacey Swiss Low Sodium, Sliced
1 oz Leaf Lettuce
2 oz Tomato, Sliced
1 oz Roasted Red Peppers
1 oz Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise™
1 6” French Bread Roll

Now, Boar’s Head wants YOU to get involved by taking part in the Boar’s Head Lower Sodium Challenge!


ONE WINNER will receive a Boar’s Head Shake It Up Kit including a $25 Boar’s Head Gift Card, a Boar’s Head condiment kit, and a Launch Your Assault on Salt guide.


To enter look in your kitchen at your family’s favorite snacks and foods. Find the one with the highest sodium content and leave it in a comment on this post. Did you find any surprises?


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I will receive a $25 gift card that will be used to purchase and try lower-sodium Boar’s Head products. As always, this review is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self and the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.


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I’m a Jersey girl, I was born and raised here and have lived here for almost my entire life. I’m a mom of 2 boys – TJ, a 21 year old, and CJ, an 18 year old with Down Syndrome. I am the oldest of four children. I am also a social media enthusiast, cat person, and Down syndrome advocate. I love coffee and milkshakes. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. I love rock music, tech, travel and food. And cheesecake. I HATE the misuse of the word retarded. I take it personally and find it very offensive. Did I mention that I love cheesecake?

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  1. My favorite canned and seasoned collard greens are low in calorie – 30 calories per 1/2 cup serving. That same serving has 2 grams of fiber. The kicker is that it has 420 mg of sodium per serving.

  2. One tip on reducing sodium in your family’s diet: try to buy lower salt versions of your favorites. In the case of canned vegetables, you can also rinse the veggies with water. You’ll remove some of the salt with the drained and discarded water.

  3. At Mom Knows It All, I commented on your review of the Aquafresh Iso-Active product. I’m glad to know it works well!

  4. At Here and There, I commented on the Brewster McCloud review. I didn’t know that the McCloud director also directed MASH!

  5. the lunchmeat my family uses has a RIDICULOUS amount of sodium. See ya later Oscar Mayer!


  6. my suggestion would be to not put the salt shaker on the dinner table.


  7. I don’t cook with salt unless I have to in a baking recipe. I figure guests can add salt if they need to but I have switched to Mrs. Dash.

  8. The Park Avenue looks yummy and the Lacey Swiss Cheese is my all time favorite Low Sodium, Low fat cheese!!!!

  9. I can’t believe that ONE of my children’s Pop Tarts has 190 mg of sodium (or 8% of the daily value)!

  10. To reduce salt intake, stay away from the highly processed foods that are quick, easy, and cheap. Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, and natural/organic foods.

  11. We eat more fresh fruit and veggies for snacks than prepared foods like chips and snack crackers usually! That can really help to keep the sodium down.

  12. One of the highest sodium items in our house is lower sodium soy with 640 mgs! I was surprised that my fat free milk has 125 mgs.

  13. I’m definitely judicious with the salt I add to recipes. I reject those items that have high sodium content if at all possible.

  14. I have some Rice-a-Roni Spanish rice mix that has over 832grms of sodium per serving!!! And my canned soup looks bad too.
    My local grocery just added Boar’s Head to their deli…I will have to give them a try. thanks

  15. We could reduce our sodium intake by not using packaged food mixes. I can make my own much healthier Spanish rice by using brown rice, fresh tomatoes, chili peppers and onions from the garden.

  16. I would pick the Park Avenue but go easy on the honey mustard.
    Oh, and I would add some avocado to every single sandwich, YUM!

  17. My suggestion is to get freshly cut meat from the deli. In my experience, prepackaged cuts have more sodium.

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