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I recently received a microwave bacon cooker to review. I was very excited to be offered this opportunity because it’s a new invention. We don’t have bacon as often as my family would like because I hate to cook it. When I cook it on the stove it always splatters and burns me. So when I learned that this cooker is a totally enclosed unit I knew I wanted to try it.

The cooker came packed in a box and consists of three pieces – the cooker, the lid and the insert. A glossy sheet of instructions were included. I figured it couldn’t be that hard to use so I did not read the directions. We’d decided we’d review the cooker this morning. I couldn’t get the lid off, but hubby was able to. Seems he’d glanced at the directions.

We began our review by using a pound of Oscar mayer regular cut bacon. The upper left picture is of the bacon on the vanes of the insert ready to go into the cooker. It’s about at this point of the review that my eggs started sticking to the pan and I had to yell for hubby to come back. The cooker holds six pieces of bacon at a time. The upper right picture is of the cooker waiting to have the lid put on.

I put the cooker in the microwave for three minutes. The picture on the middle left is of the cooker all put together, as it was going into the microwave. Towards the end of the three minutes I could hear some rumbly noises coming from within the cooker in the microwave. When I heard the ding of the microwave I reached in to take the container out. A word of advice, when you use this cooker use a potholder. The handle wasn’t so hot but the rest of it was. You must be sure to support the bottom fully or place the cooker flat on the counter when removing the lid. Also, about the locking clips. Be sure the clips are in place. I must not have gotten the clips down tight, because when I carried the cooker over to the table to open it the first batch ended up in my son’s lap and on the floor. Yes he is fine and yes I’m probably still able to be a grandmother. He wasn’t in the mood for bacon any longer after that. The picture on the middle right is of the cooked bacon, still in the cooker with the lid off right after I’d taken it out of the microwave.

The picture on the bottom left is of some of the cooked bacon before my youngest son ate it. The bacon came out delicious. It was not greasy at all, like bacon cooked in a pan or even on a plate in the microwave. That’s because all of the grease drips down off of the slices and collects at the bottom of the pitcher. The picture on the bottom right is of the oil in the bottom of the cooker. How cool is that, that you get to enjoy eating the bacon and not end up with all of that fat in your body! When we were finished the cooker washed easily in the sink, and according to the paperwork is dishwasher safe.

The downfall of this product for my family is that the cooker is not ideal for feeding a family because it only holds six pieces. We like to eat together, but we couldn’t wait to eat what was cooked because it would have gotten cold and we don’t like our bacon cold. I didn’t get to sit down much because I kept having to put more in the cooker. That being said, what the cooker will be just right for in my home is the busy mornings before school when my son wants bacon and typically there wouldn’t be time to make it.

If you want to avoid the mess of cooking bacon either on the stove or in the microwave, this item is for you. Sure, you could buy precooked bacon but why would you? I tried a piece once and it tasted nasty. It’s much more expensive than regular bacon, and I’m thinking there’s a good chance that chemicals and/or preservatives are involved in the manufacturing. I am glad I received this Crispy Clean Bacon Broiler and will use it again.

The Crispy Clean Bacon Broiler is currently sold online at and costs $14.95 plus shipping. A twin pack is also available at a savings of about $5.

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